The ones we’re waiting for

Yeah, it’s us.

What if you knew that no one else was coming?  What if it’s up to you?  What if all the ideas you’re quietly kicking around are desperately needed by your organization and in the world?

I’ve seen too many amazingly capable people (at all levels – some very senior) spend their energy in side conversations  diagnosing the problem, all the while acting like it is someone else’s job to FIX the problem.

Maybe someone else isn’t coming.

Maybe their train got delayed or they got lost.

Maybe it’s just you.

How would you act now?

Waiting for a white knight who will set the right tone, expect the best, inspire others, make the tough call, lead with clarity of vision AND all the official authority that you might not have (but maybe you do!), that’s still just waiting.  And waiting around or complaining on the sidelines makes you part of the problem.   So does saying that you had a great idea but no one listened.  Having the idea isn’t enough.  You need to persuade people that it’s right.

It’s just us, and time’s a wastin’.

2 thoughts on “The ones we’re waiting for

  1. Too true, just as Lily Tomlin noted: I said “Somebody should do something about that.” Then I realized I am somebody.”

    That’s both humbling and empowering; humbling because, as you said, we should have started already. Empowering because we ARE somebody, we count. Now let’s do something that counts.

  2. Fantastic post. I would say that 90% of my job satisfaction over the last year has come from exactly this insight. It has also made me a better (and more inspiring) manager.

    As a younger professional I used to sit around with my colleagues, talking about “How do we become inspirational leaders?” We had NO idea. Well, I think I have a much better idea now.

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