You, only better

There are certain things that you’re best at.

The moments when you thrive, when you shine, when others say, “Wow, that was just amazing.”  The moments that make you feel energized and clear and focused.   The moments that pass quickly.

This is you at your best.

We all have things things we need to work on.  We all need to round out the picture.  But we need to know where to start.  And why not start with your strengths?

I’ve never been a five-year career plan kind of guy, and for a long time that worried me.  I secretly feared that I would never have that plan and that without knowing where I wanted to go I would never get there.

Lately, though, I’ve gotten a glimpse of what my highest and best use might be.

And I’m beginning to think it may well be all that I really need to know.

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2 thoughts on “You, only better

  1. I believe it is all I need to know. I’m still trying to find it. The rest is just passing time. Waiting for Godot.

  2. I agree with you on strengths. Improving more of who you really are to help make a bigger contribution.

    An exercise that help me was from Marcus Buckingham on Oprah:

    During the week while you are doing your work your write down the things that you love doing. And also things that you loathed.

    Mine are kind of weird, but I have filled more of my week with those activities which has lead to more of the moments that you mention above.

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