Why I love New York

Music and humor on the way to work – talk about a different kind of commute.

People in Grand Central Station dressed in swimsuits, shorts, and work clothes, guerrilla marketing for www.bahamafridays.com. The Ebony Hillbillies playing bluegrass outside the Shuttle train. And a woman named Julie (I think) playing guitar on the Shuttle train and singing in an angelic voice.  I’m sure she’s better than most paid acts in any other city around the world.

Some reflections:

  1. Peak commuting hours have the most people, but they’re so focused on getting to work that you aren’t going to get their attention.
  2. Nothing surprises a New York commuter
  3. Stopping for five minutes to see something beautiful, humorous, and memorable helps us all get through the day

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2 thoughts on “Why I love New York

  1. Hi Sasha,

    Funny, I saw you one day at Grand Central a couple months back, but we were both hurrying to work! I promised myself that next time that happened, I’d stop and say hi. Haven’t seen you since, but hoping to soon!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. I love NY because of how busy and full of life it is. I live in Dutchess County (update from NYC) and I enjoy my commute to the city. I think NYC it is well worth the train trip. I love the combination of a lazy suburban life on the weekends and a busy work schedule during the week.

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