Rebooting Valentine’s Day

I want all my readers to hear first.  This Monday, Valentine’s Day, is going to be rebooted as Generosity Day: one day of sharing love with everyone, of being generous to everyone, to see how it feels and to practice saying “Yes.”  Let’s make the day about love, action and human connection – because we can do better than smarmy greeting cards, overpriced roses, and stressed-out couples trying to create romantic meals on the fly.

I’ll share more on Monday morning (Valentine’s Day), but wanted to let my readers know today that I’m reaching out to a bunch of great bloggers who I respect to spread the word.  Would love your help in doing the same.

On the day of, we’ll be using the hashtag #generosityday to share what people are doing.  The goal is to spend Valentine’s Day being more generous, giving more money, sharing of yourself, being of service.  All acts of generosity, small and big alike, count.  But you have to say YES to everything that’s asked of you, all day long! It’s about creating more generosity in the world, and becoming a more open person along the way.

BACKGROUND: Longtime readers will remember my Generosity Experiment (here’s the blog post or, if you prefer, here’s the video).  My experiment lasted a month, and I found it transformative.  I bet you’ll love doing this for a day.

Examples of great things to do on #generosityday:

  • Give money to….a street musician, a homeless person, your favorite charity
  • Take old clothes from your closet and give them to goodwill
  • Leave a $5 tip for a $2 coffee
  • Introduce yourself to someone you see every day but have never said hello to
  • Bring in lunch for your co-workers
  • Give someone a compliment

If you like this idea, please:

  1. Between now and Monday, tell people (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that you’re committing to a day of generosity this Valentine’s Day.  Committing in advance will help you follow through. (Sample Facebook/Twitter status update that you can post BEFORE MONDAY:  “I’m in!  Let’s reboot Valentine’s Day as #generosityday on Monday”)
  2. Add to the list (above) of suggested generous actions by commenting on this post or contacting me directly.
  3. Share the idea with other bloggers and friends by emailing them the link to this page (

This could be big – but I’ll need your help to make it happen!

83 thoughts on “Rebooting Valentine’s Day

  1. Isso não existe, somente o dia dos namorados, na verdade, o dia do cafajeste!!!

  2. Dialing back on the consumer frenzy that grips most holidays is such a good idea. Maybe not for the economy but it can only be good for our collective souls.

  3. What a great idea — initiating random and not-so-random acts of kindness can only make our world a better place as these acts resonate within the hearts of all involved.

  4. respected sahsha ,
    u given great meaning to v .day .generouty day has cleared many ignorant minds especially in the eastern part of the world.
    g .a Khan

  5. love this idea and am sharing it with my little corner of the world! looking forward to being generous both tomorrow and in general!

  6. I’m in! I already donated $50 to Roots and Wings International, an NPO that gives scholarship to indigenous Guatemalan youth. This is a great idea, Sasha. I caught your Tweet in my stream this morning, and I could not possibly agree more.

    My wife and I have NEVER celebrated Valentine’s Day. I don’t need a special day to tell her something I tell her every single day. I’ll spread the word on all my social networks.

  7. My students have multiple and severe disabilities and this month we have been talking about giving back and what we can give to others. The kids are getting it and it shows in their interactions with others. It is absolutely freeing for them to realize that they have much to give. Their joy overwhelms me.

  8. Random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty… your post reminds me of this saying. I like your thinking.

    I blogged about memorializing your loved ones in a story. I am not a big Valentine’s Day person. In fact, my husband and I do not celebrate the Hallmark holiday for the reason that it is a HALLMARK holiday. Ugh …


  9. Love the idea and love the fact that you’re using your platform to make an impact.

    One idea is to ask a homeless person their name and listen to their story.

    I’ll be participating and sharing. Thanks for the work.

  10. Very smart, and very Buddhist. I’m late to the party, but you can add, the most basic act of generosity: offer to help others those around you (in a way that doesn’t imply you think they are failing).

    I know a person who leaves the house every day with one dollar in his breast pocket every day and gives it to the first person who asks him for money.

  11. Hi Sasha,
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful article. I know how important is generosity in these times of WIFM culture (Whats in it for me). Apart from what is mentioned above, I strongly believe that one should give TIME and TALENT.
    This post is my facebook status for the week

    Abraham Simons.

  12. I <3 this idea too….it maybe 3.20pm on my valentines day but I'm switching it and will be encouraging others to do the same…..thank you for making my valentines day with your generosity of ideas x

  13. Sasha-
    Great idea. I think we should be generous whenever we can. There must be a limit, don’t you think? If 10 people all asked you for $1,000 today, would you give them what they asked? I believe that generosity should be a life-long practice, though I applaud your effort here to bring it to light. I guess we gotta start somewhere, and here is as good as place as any.

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  15. Splendid positive thinking, Sarah,
    Great idea… hopefully it will grow out to an all-time-feeling for everyone and becomes normal behaviour…

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