One trait to rule them all

If you had one non-negotiable trait that you’d want everyone representing your organization to hold, share and transmit, what would it be?

Of course you’ve got bright, engaged people.  They are confident and interesting, energetic and well-versed in what you do and how it fits into the larger whole.  They are humble and they listen well.  They build relationships naturally, care genuinely about people, look to make others successful as much as they look out for the interest of the organization.

But that one thing, the oomph, the special something that sets them apart?

It’s joy.

Joy is infectious.  Joy is rare.  Joy is something we grab on to and won’t let go of.  It transcends.

(proof point: Zappos)

There’s just one catch: there’s no faking it.

Which means that the starting point is that what you do matters and inspires.  And HOW you do it matters just as much, because that is how your team experiences the work, their  colleagues, your values and how you and they walk through the world.  These all add up to something much greater than the sum of the parts.

But once you’ve got it?  Magic.

One thought on “One trait to rule them all

  1. Nice article. I would have to say integrity. Trust is the foundation of every relationship.

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