10 year milestones are mushrooming

Another exciting 10-year milestone came last week: Network for Good turned 10.  My friend Katya has many credits to her name (Network for Good’s COO, the author of Robin Hood Marketing, and she writes the fabulous, must-read Nonprofit Marketing Blog) but I know her as the person who, with a simple question and a smile, made Generosity Day happen in the first place by making me realize that action was so much more important than getting the plan just right.  A huge lesson.

In Katya’s words: “Network for Good turns ten on Saturday and to celebrate, we created what else – an infographic!” Joy in an infographic = a great thing.

Some things that struck me from the graphic: in 10 years, more than half a billion dollars has been given through Network for Good ($140 million last year alone), and online giving, especially for disaster relief, is clearly going mainstream.  It’s clear that this is a trend that will continue and it’s a call to attention for all nonprofits to really understand this trend.

What I think we all need to figure out in the next 10 year is how online can transition from being a funding channel to an interactive experience that increases connection to nonprofits and accountability and transparency from nonprofits.  Obviously that is beginning to happen and it will be exciting to see where the next decade takes us.

(there’s a postscript after the infographic)

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p.s. Since my wife is the only person in the world who will get the oblique reference in the blog title, here’s the story: years ago we had a small rental in a big Victorian house in Massachusetts, with a shared, shaded driveway that was iced over from December to May.  We had a friendly, ex-hippie neighbor with a beat-up old white car that swapped spots with us in that one-lane driveway.

The car was covered in bumper stickers, my favorite of which was: “Mycology is Mushrooming.”  I’m embarrassed to say that one still makes me laugh.

2 thoughts on “10 year milestones are mushrooming

  1. “The car was covered in bumper stickers, my favorite of which was: “Mycology is Mushrooming.” I’m embarrassed to say that one still makes me laugh.”

    Never, ever be embarrassed by geek humor. 🙂 It makes me laugh too. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Sasha! Your blog and your ideas are some of the things I’m thankful for this year!

  2. Like the mycology reference. Nice post. And thanks for sending me to Katya’s blog…just subscribed as I think our local EDs will love some of her posts!

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