Keep up with the Acumen Fund Fellows

The Class of 2011 Acumen Fund Fellows are an incredible group of people working with our investees around the world.

This year’s class has enthusiastically taken on blogging – it’s a great chance to see what they’re up to and get a glimpse of the front lines in this hard, important work.

Their blogs are here:

  • Benje Williams (The Fragments that Remain) is working at Pharmagen, providing low-cost water, in Lahore, Pakistan
  • Khuram Hussain (The Healthy Archer) is working with Ecotact in Nairobi, Kenya to help make sanitation sexy.
  • Bavidra Mohan (Imagine Something Different) is working in Shenzen, China with D.Light, which manufactures and sells solar lights to replace kerosene
  • Mario Ferro (Imagine there is no…) is spending the year with Husk Power in Bihar, India, helping get affordable power to remote villages
  • Shane Heywood is in Kitale, Kenya, helping Western Seeds get high-yield hybrid maize to smallholder farmers
  • Brenda Williams (GlobalLink Consulting) is in Hyderabad, India, helping get safe, affordable water to Indian villages
  • Wendy Wallace (Adventures of Wendy) is working with Lifespring Hospitals helping bring high-quality, low-cost maternal care to thousands (and we hope eventually, millions)
  • Chika Fujita (Feel the Wind, Live Like the Wind) is in Mumbai, India, supporting the growth of the Dial 1298 ambulance service across India
  • Bryan Farris (Rising Pyramid) is in Lahore, Pakistan, helping Ansaar Management Company expand the only for-profit housing development for the poor in Pakistan

These Fellows all have incredible stories to share, and I know from experience that the more people that follow their stories, the more their stories will be shared.  Jump in, and happy reading.

Here’s a video of these Fellows from last month, the day before they left New York.

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