Your truths

Ten years after its founding, Google wrote down and shared Ten things we know to be true.

Seems like a great thing for any young organization to codify after a decade.

Also seems like a good thing for a person to think about and understand.

Career paths are getting more serpentine.  Big companies are done employing us for a lifetime.  The most interesting jobs aren’t the ones we heard about when we were kids (doctor, lawyer, fireman), and they’re certainly not at the companies who came on to campus to recruit.

When whole industries are being created and are changing and are being destroyed right before our eyes, the concept of “In 15 years I want to be a _________” is anachronistic.

But if you can assemble your truths you have something.

If you understand the things that are irrevocably true for you – true at the core, not trite answers to interview questions – then you’ll have to worry a lot less about who you want to be when you grow up.

Give it a try: “I know that I ______________ “

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