Great Job

If you’re in a position of authority, a big part of most days is being asked for your opinion or approval.

Often, you are what stands between the things your organization creates and your customers. Naturally, an important part of your job is to quality check and do the last bit of polishing: you know the most, you are the most experienced, and you can give it that last distinguishing touch.

While it’s true that you’ll always have something to add, don’t forget to ask yourself:

Where are we in the process?

Is this just a matter of taste?

When is it too late to say what I’m about to say?

And (above all), What is the cost of communicating that, no matter what someone else does, no matter how hard they try, it could always be better?

While you might have two cents to add, some days all you should do is smile, nod, and say “great job.”

This communicates confidence in others, reminds them that they’re also on the hook, and it also lets them know that they, without your help, can create your organization’s best work.

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