Courage quotient

What is your courage quotient?

What will it take to have you go towards:

…a feeling of discomfort?

…a place that is just outside where you normally sit?

….an action that you’ve talked about with a few people but have never taken?

…an idea you have that you’ve wanted to share, but you’re afraid it will get shot down?

…something that you’ve been building but have kept hidden away from everyone who matters?

It’s all too easy for all of us to get caught in behavioral ruts – patterns that have worked for us so far.   These can create parallel emotional ruts, a safe emotional space whose safety comes from nothing more than a sense of familiarity.

It’s like you’re standing at the side of a pool, thinking about how cold the water will feel when you jump in.  And the time keeps passing until it’s impossible to stop thinking about that first moment, that big shock that’s coming to the system.

It’s true, it might be a big shock.  But only for a minute, and then it passes.  The truth is that few of us will look back at our lives and think “I was too bold.  I was too courageous.  I reached too too far for the things that really mattered to me.”

No one’s asking you to be Lewis Pugh, not yet at least.


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