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The deadline for applying for Seth Godin’s summer internship is tomorrow, May 31st.  And the last 15 applications will be discarded, so today is effectively the last day to apply.  It’s a two-week internship from July 22nd to August 2nd.  All the details are here.

I thought the skills Seth is looking for were pretty indicative of must-have skills for the next century, no matter what line of business you think you’re in.  Everyone doesn’t need all of them (though why wouldn’t you learn all of them at at least a minimal level, since today you can, easily)?

Still, it’s impossible to argue that anyone is allowed, any more, to have none of them.

Seth_internship skills

Basically, the list boils down to:

  • Coding
  • Design
  • Writing good copy
  • Coming up with ideas
  • Selling stuff
  • Managing projects
  • Hustle

(I, too, give bonus points for Monty Python trivia but I’ll admit that feels a bit arbitrary.)

Not a bad list, though, sadly, it compares terribly to what we’re teaching in our schools (including business schools).

On this last point, if you have kids or you care about education, you really must watch Seth’s “Stop Stealing Dreams” talk at TEDxYouth.   And once the video inspires you, read and share Seth’s full manuscript with the parents and educators in your life.

3 thoughts on “Skills for this century

  1. Couldn’t agree more with both Seth’s TEDx talk and with his requirements for the job. However, he forgot to include “__Have a rich daddy” in the mix. I’m afraid that while I would love nothing better than to help Seth start something INCREDIBLE, and a summer in New York would be heavenly; living in Manhattan for two months on $2,000 isn’t going to happen for very many people, even with a kindly supplied roomie from your intern pals. And I won’t even talk to job applicants who don’t bring some Python to the table or at least “get” a Python reference. There’s no excuse for ignorance, there are too many folks who want your job!

  2. It is two weeks not two months and I’m sure interns find a place together, so I’d think $2,000 should cover things.

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