The thing they don’t tell you

…when you set out to change the world is that the bottom right part of the table is actually MORE frustrating than the bottom left.

If you’re stuck there, I hope you choose to keep looking for the top right (succeeding), rather than retreating to the bottom left (not trying).

2 thoughts on “The thing they don’t tell you

  1. The other thing that is hard to learn is that in those serendipitous times when you luck yourself into the top left, it is easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re actually in the top right. But you’re not. It’s good to have some honest but tough supporters in your corner who are willing to say to you, “Yeah — you’re maybe it happen on luck. Time to get to work.”

  2. Sigh. I meant, “You’re MAKING it happen on luck.” In my case, it is time for some coffee. Anyways, nice post.

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