Just like

Arriving at the airport, looking for a cab, a woman accosts me.


“Yes, I’m looking for a taxi.”

“Come with me!  I’m just like a taxi.  Same price.”

No thanks.

Here are the problems with “just like” something else:

  1. It’s obvious to you and to me that you’re not, really, just like them.  If you were, you’d be them.
  2. What you’re really saying is “I’ll be a little bit cheaper than them” and so it’s up to me to decide how much ick factor I’m willing to put up with in exchange for a “little bit cheaper.”
  3. By definition you never started selling me what you were since the whole pitch was that you’re kinda sorta like something else

Stop pitching what you’re almost like and start pitching what you are.  It’s much more compelling, to you and to me.

(no this post isn’t about taxis).

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