Wearin’ generosity on your sleeve

So here’s a cool idea – there’s a Generosity Day t-shirt, and you can get yours today. The shirt is lively and fun and a conversation-starter.

I like the idea of the shirt being an instant Generosity Suit that gives you generosity superpowers.  You wear it, you’re reminded that you want to say yes….so you do.  And that makes you, and the people around you, a whole lot happier.

Super Generosity Powers, just for the price of a t-shirt.  Can’t beat that.

And the sooner you get one, the sooner you have an excuse to talk about Generosity Day when people come up to you and say, “Hey, nice t-shirt.  Where’d you get it?”

Think about the fun uses:

  • Give them to your kids and start a conversation about all the different ways to say “Yes” around the world
  • Buy a stack of them for your donors as a thank you gift for saying YES to your cause
  • Or for your fundraising team for knowing how to get people to YES day in and day out
  • Or maybe for your hubby so that he has no choice but to say YES the next time you ask him to take out the trash

The fabulous +acumen chapters together with Selfless Tees made this all happen.  $7 from each shirt goes to Acumen Fund if you buy in the next two weeks.

Please spread the word by sharing this link: http://www.selflesstee.com/generosity (how cool is that URL?!)

2 thoughts on “Wearin’ generosity on your sleeve

  1. Hi Sasha, I stumbled on your blog while doing some research on philanthropy and generosity and am enjoying it thus far. I’m intrigued by the idea of a Generosity Day– what a neat concept. I recently started a blog myself, called “The Inspired Philanthropist” (www.inspiredphilanthropist.com), where I explore the culture of philanthropy, the idea of generosity, and I write profiles of people and organization who are doing inspiring and good things. I’m always thinking about the question: how can we teach the concept of generosity to youth, that next generation of people who will be making decisions affecting us and people around us. Just read a book called “The Power of Half” which was about a family who sold their house and donated 1/2 the proceeds to a charity they researched and got involved in that work. Now that is inspiring! Thanks for the work you do.
    Seattle, WA

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