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Continuing with yesterday’s theme of “things I wish stuff I use could do….”

Yesterday a friend turned me on to David Hieatt’s Do One Thing Well blog.  So I read a post, I like it, and I add David’s blog to my Google reader.

The problem is that I’m jumping in mid-stream.  David’s been writing great stuff for a long time.  He’s written a book’s worth of stuff (at least).  If I had the option, I’d like to download this blook (blog + book = blook) into an e-reader and use my reading time to curl up with David’s blog instead of my next book.

Of course this functionality exists today, kinda sorta.  I can have Google reader fetch all the posts David has ever written and I can read them from back to front, or I can use Reeder or some other iPad RSS app to see everything in a book-like fashion.  But that’s not what I’m looking for.

I want a button on every blog that downloads the full blog (or as much as the blog author wants, or I want) directly to my e-reader.  I want this button to be as simple and as standard as the RSS feed link.  And, in a perfect world, on the e-Reader side I’d like to be able to to create and rearrange virtual chapters by keyword (maybe that happens only once when I do the download, for simplicity).

David’s already written a blook.  I just wish it were easier for me to read it.

4 thoughts on “Your Blook

  1. Hi Sasha, I’m not sure if this is the best solution, but perhaps this announcement from News about FeedFabrik could help? Best wishes,

  2. Fantastic idea, Sasha!! There is so much out there for the future of ereaders! I also hope one day a student’s entire compendium of text books could be loaded to an ereader to carry back and forth to school instead of the 80 pound backpack that is killing my children. What a fantastic blessing that would be. Especially if the teacher could load chapter by chapter pre-highlighted text if they so desired. Let’s start using technology to revolutionize life instead of just shopping.

  3. This is a brilliant idea. It would be particularly neat if there were different ways to sort/organize the blook: chronologically, # of comments, length of entry, # of pageviews.

    I also think a blogger can address the question of magnitude of content to new readers in some creative ways. I’ve gone through various iterations of this, and the most recent version is focuses on who the reader is instead of who I am. I’ve heard good things about it, but I’m sure it’ll continue to evolve (you can see it here:

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