Blogging meta-post

On the days I don’t write posts, it seems just about impossible that I have a post in me.

On the days that I do write posts, I write them.

This means one of two things:

  1. I underestimate what is possible
  2. I accomplish the impossible on a regular basis

Pretty sure both of those are true.

(mind-bending side note: I wrote this post on a day I never write posts.  What does that mean?)

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One thought on “Blogging meta-post

  1. Sasha,

    It’s obvious that a lot is psychologically at work when we accept a task as a “have to” situation. Random thoughts/quotes that could, themselves, become posts:

    1. “Everything is copy.” Nora Ephron

    2. We wait for the Muse, when in fact the Muse waits for us to get to work before showing up. (a la Steven Pressfield)

    3. “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Gen. Patton (In other words, it’s better to write something/anything now instead of waiting to write something tomorrow.)

    4. We tend to over-value our writing.

    5. We tend to under-value our writing.

    6. We forget that the primary reason for writing is to start conversations, not end them.

    7. We should write more often out of our weaknesses than our strengths.

    Nice spontaneous post. Kerouac would be proud!

    – Keith

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