Which chorus?

You’re probably hearing one of two choruses right now:

  1. “Slow down!  You’re not being practical.  That’s not possible.  I don’t get it and don’t see how we’ll get there.  You need to make things smaller, more clear, more well-defined, more actionable!!”
  2. *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* *chirp* (the quiet, soothing, pleasant, cricket-like background noise where no one’s telling you you’re crazy)

Number two feels so much better, is so much easier and cleaner, and the people you like and respect (your Board, your boss, your co-workers, your team) give you their stamp of approval. But hearing nothing but good, approving things most of the time is very dangerous indeed.

You get to decide: is the most important thing hearing from those closest to you that they approve?  Or do you care more about breaking through?  Because breaking through means doing something that they (even the “they” who love and support you) have never done before.

Even though they don’t mean to, those closest to you may be holding you back.

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