Who works for you?

Revolutionary question of the day – which I was asked, and am passing on: do I work for my boss, or does she work for me?

And, as a corollary, does my team work for me or do I work for my team?

What’s the difference?  Here’s one example:

If the person who owns all the data and metrics on my team works for me, then I tell her: “you need to take ownership of operations, of making sure everyone is doing what they need to do.”

But if I work for her, then I say to her, “OK, you’re the boss.  That means you’re THE person responsible for us reaching our goals.  I work for you, and all of us work for you.  Tell us what to do.  Go.”

Different conversation.  Different outcome.

(p.s. nothing special about “data and metrics.”  I could have said “website” or “PR” or “brand manager” or just about anything short of the person we all pretend is in charge.)

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