Reason number 45

A few months ago I blogged a list of 44 reasons I blog.  I just stumbled across reason number 45 as I prepare for a speech.

My job (your job, anyone’s job who talks to customers or donors or board members or the media or just about anyone) is to create and to tell stories.  Stories that get people to act – to give or to buy or to stand up for something they believe in.

It should go without saying that if I’m going to be an effective storyteller, I need stories to tell.  MY stories.  Not just for big speeches – though I need them for those too – but for conversations and for media interviews and for talking to colleagues and giving feedback and of course for presentations.

Turns out I’ve got a blog full of these things – some better, some worse, but it’s there: a catalogue of stories and vignettes and thoughts and hopefully some insights every now and again.  Blogging puts a pretty high bar on what makes the cut and also forces me to develop ideas beyond my initial reflection.

I’m 100% sure I wouldn’t have the discipline to do this without the blog.  So thanks to all of you for reading, because I wouldn’t keep at it without you.

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