Blog rewind?

I like this idea from samstrasser’ blog rewind.

When you start reading a blog, you often end up missing most of what was written before you got there.  Sure you can go back to the beginning, and you can use tags and search to find what you like, but all of these ideas beg a few questions:

1. When blogging, are you writing for your committed longtime readers (yes) or for new people (yes)?

2. As a blogger, should you occasionally repost “greatest hits” (e.g.: The 2008 Sasha Dichter Blog Wrapup) (yes, I think, but people don’t seem to click on the links nearly as much as read posts)

3. But wouldn’t it be kind of lame to just take a post from 9 months ago and repost it? (yes)

4. Once you’ve been blogging for long enough, should you look back, find some themes, and turn your blog into a book or an ebook? (hmmm, more interesting and more complicated)

At a minimum, I love the idea of someone creating a blog button that says “PDF this blog” and creates a PDF file of the whole blog (with the ability to customize the timeframe you want).

Since I don’t have these kinds of technical skills, I’m hoping someone reading will get on this ASAP.

(As a related idea, wouldn’t it be cool if you could go, say, to the NY Times site, click a button and get all of Nick Kristof’s columns?  Oh wait, you can.)

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