It Doesn’t Matter if You Have New Ideas

One of the things that holds people back is a false filter: “Is this idea entirely new?”

Of course it’s not. Not entirely.

And that doesn’t matter.

Because your audience came here for you. And the fact that, out of everything out there in the world, today you choose to share this — that is what is meaningful.

It means that you picked this idea because it stands out, because it is useful and insightful and maybe a little bit surprising.

And since your audience trusts and listens to you, they will be more likely to pay attention to, consider, and act on this idea.

Better still, you might explain this idea in a new way—in your voice—and, in so doing, make it more likely that this group of people will hear it.

Importantly, these concepts apply even if you’re not a writer, a blogger, a podcaster.

Your team also needs to hear from you what you find important: what ideas govern how we’re going to show up around here, how we’re going to interact, what is in and out of bounds.

By discovering, filtering through, and sharing the best thinking you can find —whether on OKRs, leadership, feedback, or difficult conversations—you are taking the first steps to defining your unique culture.

Better yet, you and your team can take what you’ve shared and work to apply these ideas in real life: real situations, with real challenges, real people. That’s when things get interesting.

Ideas are wonderful things, and they are nearly infinite.

Their existence alone is just a starting point.

What we do with them, and how we succeed at applying them—that is what really matters.

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