Because It’s Inconvenient

We make a plan and commit to something.

An initial buzz hits us, as we visualize the results that will come from our hard work.

A few days in, our commitment feels awfully inconvenient.

The time doesn’t feel right; we don’t the energy, again, for this hard thing.

Maybe we have a legitimate conflict, another something or somethings to get done that we’d have to give up.

These somethings all seem more fun or more important.

Plus, didn’t we just do this yesterday?

We did, but that was yesterday, and this is today.


We do it today, because we committed.

We do it today, because it’s hard.

We do it today, because it’s inconvenient.

And in the doing we see what it takes to hit our goal.

The things we have to give up.

The things we have to push through.

All the noise that used to scare us off but doesn’t, this time.

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