We’ve all had powerful moments when the right person says the right thing to us in the right way at the right time.

Often, these moments will fade for them…just another day and another conversation.

But they stay with us for ages.

It’s because of who they are, the relationship we’ve built with them, the fact that it’s them saying the one thing we need to hear right now, allowing us to believe that we can take our next big step.

We carry these moments in our back pockets where, like photographs, they get worn and a bit faded. In times of doubt and uncertainty, we pull them out, gaze at them, and take comfort.

“This person, who really and truly knows me, said this thing. Maybe it’s true.”

There are many reasons we keep showing up for our colleagues and friends, reasons we continue to be present and why we endeavor, each day, to fully see one another. One reason is for the privilege of saying those right words at a Polaroid moment, to give the gift of hard-earned belief and trust to someone who can do great things.

If you’re carrying around one of these snapshots, today might be a good day to thank the person who gave it to you.

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