I was working in a spreadsheet and I mistyped a date, entering the year 3018 by accident.

And I thought, “that’s ridiculous, there’s no such thing.”

But of course there is. It’s a real, actual date, 1,000 years from now. It just doesn’t seem possible.

What if we could believe it was real, just as real as 2019– a date that is sure to come, whether or not we are here to see it.

What would our today, or our tomorrow, look like if we could see the direct connections between what we do today and what happens on this date in 3018?

Today, at least, if we live in the United States, I bet we’d go out and vote.

2 thoughts on “3018

  1. I voted early this year, and the activity was high and constant at my polling location in one of the most heavily gerrymandered states of the union.

    Regardless of the choices of voters, I am glad to see what appears to be a casting off of apathy finally, in regards to registering our voice as “we the people” by the increased exercising of our civic opportunity. I know people call it a ‘duty’; but I think we forget that it is an opportunity as well.

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