Cogito Ergo Sum Ego Creo Impulsum

Of all the charts in the GIIN’s 2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey report, the one that struck me the most was this one.

Of 200 impact investors surveyed, 98% say their impact is in line with or outperforming their expectations.

This in a sector in which almost no one actually measures impact, a sector that still debates whether having the intention to create impact is an important description of an “impact” investor.

It’s like we have our own version of cogito ergo sum: “I call myself an impact investor, therefore, ipso facto, I create impact.”



One thought on “Cogito Ergo Sum Ego Creo Impulsum

  1. A perfect illustration that the story we (the organization) tell doesn’t matter nearly as much as the story they (the investors) tell themselves. Seems the opportunity lies in starting with their story and inching it toward one of true impact.

    Interesting survey report. Thanks for sharing, Sasha.

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