You’re repeating yourself

Why yes, that’s on purpose.

Did you know that children often need to be exposed to new foods 10-15 times before they’re happy to eat them?

Same thing with ideas and action, it turns out.

2 thoughts on “You’re repeating yourself

  1. It’s somewhat funny, don’t you think? Because repetition is how the neural networks in our bodies take shape and create lasting memories or ideas of what matters and what doesn’t. So even if that message isn’t that important (“Just Do It”) – or if it is (“Drink eight glasses of water a day”) – your inclined to remember it based on the number of times you encounter it.

    For non-profit organizations and individuals doing work that matters, we naturally want to shy away from repeating ourselves, but to do so is to make your mission into something that people recognize and react to out of habit more of a challenge.

    You should repeat yourself on purpose. That’s how lasting memories are made, whether we want them to or not.

  2. Did not know that, but it explains why I can’t let go of an idea that I deemed silly, but interesting, at the same time.

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