Jodi found my blog thanks to Seth’s incredibly nice post earlier this week, and she sent me an email in response to Tuesday’s post that ended with:

The biggest thing you’ve inspired is the project I’m starting today: Be rejected by 100 people in the next 7 days.  I will be pitching potential donors (for 5 full ride nursing school scholarships for my friends in Blanchard, Haiti).


If you want to make sure Jodi has the chance for the full 100 rejections you can wait until next week before checking out what she’s up to and why she’s raising the money, or you could go ahead and do it today.  Jodi and he team are already two-thirds of the way there, and they just need to raise $2,500 more to hit their goal.

We come across interesting ideas all the time, risky ideas some of the time, ideas that scare us every now and then.

We cross a line when we go from “that looks interesting, I might want to try that,” to “that looks interesting, I’m doing it today.”

Jodi Sagorin


2 thoughts on “Starting

  1. Well, Jodi won’t be able to count me in her rejections total……I made a little donation instead. I have strong feelings for Haiti – my wife has been there 5x, my oldest daughter 3x, youngest daughter 1x and I have been there 3x. Good for you Jodi, and thanks Sasha for using your cache to support her effort.

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