Global Philanthropy Forum – livestream

I’m excited to be speaking today at the Global Philanthropy Forum together with Matt Bannick (Managing Partner, Omidyar Network), Maya Chorengel (Founding Partner, Elevar Equity) in a session moderated by David Bank (CEO and Editor, Impact IQ).

If you’d like to tune in the plenary panel is being livestreamed.  The panel is at 12:45pm Pacific time (on Tuesday April 16th).  The link is:

The title of the panel is “Facts and Fiction of Impact Investing” and is described in the program as:

The impact investing field is at a critical juncture as it moves to scale. There are various theories of change about how to get more early-stage capital off the sidelines and differences in how organizations define impact. This panel will have a frank, provocative discussion exploring the true realities on the ground as well as whether and when there are real trade-offs between social and financial returns.

I’m sure it will be a fun, provocative conversation.  I hope you’ll tune in, and if you have questions you think the panel should address just leave them in the comments or drop me a line.

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