Generosity Day is next Tuesday

I can hear the quiet whirr in the background – an email here, a tweet there, a stolen conversation in the hallway.  Folks are getting revved up for Generosity Day next Tuesday, February 14th.

Could we really break through this year and get millions of people involved? Imagine the power of masses of people spending one day being generous, saying YES to all requests that come their way.

So how do we make it happen?  Between now and next week we want as many people as possible to know the day is coming and to get excited about being a part of it and spreading the word.  So:

If you haven’t yet, make your Generosity Day pledge here (it takes less than 5 seconds):

If you’re a blogger, please write a post about Generosity Day – pledge your support and share the idea with your readers.  The post could be about what generosity means to you.  Post sometime over the weekend or on next Monday or Tuesday.

If you’re a blog reader (of COURSE you’re a blog reader), you could post comments on blogs that you love, and ask the blogger to become part of Generosity Day – refer to the Causes page or to Ellen’s Fast Company article or my talk on as background.

If you have friends who blog / are in the media reach out on behalf of Generosity Day and ask if they’d write about it.  There’s no downside, and I’ve found that people generally say YES to this request.

If you’re a Facebooker / Tweeter start posting about how psyched you are for #generosityday (using the hashtag helps) and refer to the Causes page

If you have other great ideas for how we could spread the word about Generosity Day, please share your comments below (or, if you prefer, email me).

(p.s. this is the moment when you think these are nice ideas and it’s for other people to do something.  Why not give it a try yourself – whatever works for you?)

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