What I care about, what you care about

Having beat up on the MTA once before for its ads, it only seems right now to sing their praises.

I liked this subway ad a lot.

3.2 million minutes saved every day (80,000 riders x 40 minutes saved) seems like the kind of thing sensible people would be in favor of.

The typical nonprofit message here would have been: $6 billion project approved!


What I care about (if I work at the MTA): declaring victory on is budget approvals, the size of the project, contractors getting hired, etc.  The $6 billion budget.

What you care about, as a citizen: 40 minutes saved a day for 80,000 people.

Simple, but easy to forget.


One thought on “What I care about, what you care about

  1. Fantastic point. One thing that is interesting here is how meaningful the data is because it combines the quality and quantity of change. As you suggest, it’s convincing because we care about it. What else in our lives, that we care about, can be quantified and summed, other than time?

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