Generosity Day 2012 – the visual

Had a great planning meeting this week for Generosity Day 2012.  We had our original group that hatched the plan (Katya Andresen, Scott Case, Ellen McGirt) plus a few new friends who you’ll get to know soon enough.

I won’t go into too much now, except to share the Wordle of the principles that we feel underpin Generosity Day, and to say that, YES we’re doing it again in 2012.

This is just a first draft.  Ideas welcome.

5 thoughts on “Generosity Day 2012 – the visual

  1. Sasha, are you connected with the folks at I volunteered for their Karma Kitchen project in DC – cool volunteer driven experiment in generosity.

  2. Nice list above, 2 more ideas:
    – Dont self-censor, share your thoughts & ideas generously
    – Thank / recognize someone for something specific they did.

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