is coming!

Big announcement!  The wonderful folks at IDEO (the design firm that created the computer mouse…yeah, the original one) are launching  In their words, is “focused on spreading human-centered design through the social sector and improving the lives of people in low-income communities across the globe.”

Or: bringing world-class design thinking to 3 billion more people.

IDEO has been at this for a while, including the Ripple Effect project to improve delivery of safe drinking water to the poor, and more recently they’ve been in Ghana designing sanitation solutions for urban households.  They’re also offering up a free Human-Centered Design Toolkit for social enterprises and NGOs, and an 11-month fellowship for leaders across multiple sectors to work directly with the IDEO team.

The full launch will be this fall.  In the meantime, please blog, tweet, and spread the word in real-life conversations.  Send any questions to

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