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Saw this great sign yesterday morning at Fairway Supermarket in Pelham.  Fairway is the best combination of high quality and affordable food at any supermarket anywhere (they also make Zabar’s-quality lox, pickled herring, and olives, among other things).  Fairway’s original supermarket has been in business on Upper Wast Side of NY since the 1930s, and in 2007 they started an expansion blitz that has taken them to Harlem, Red Hook, even Stamford, CT.

This sign made me laugh out loud, and it reinforced the notion that it’s always better to have a personality.  Personality has a point of view.  Personality has a voice.  Personality will piss some people off but will make your rabid fans even more rabid-y and fan-y.

If you’re going to have personality, do it every time.  Every sign, every email you send out, every blog post, every quick reminder.  We’re not talking stand up comedy here, but if you write more like you talk and less like you think you’re supposed to write, you’re heading in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “Have personality

  1. Totally agree.

    I once had a client ask me if I “treated all my clients in the same manner” … beause apparently having a lot of fun in consulting is “odd”… and I said “Of course I do. I love my job”.


  2. Thank you for reminding me that my quirkiness is right on….love you Sasha. I love loving people and telling them…!

  3. Love the blog as a whole but this post resonated in a unique way. It’s good to know pickles and chocolate are an acceptable appetizer for a woman who is not pregnant, yarn and rocks separate the creative from the less than creative and generosity should be, and for me is, a way of life not a manufactured moment.

  4. i have only just come across your site, and am blown away by the content and inspration i’m receiving.
    you are a great original and i thank you sincerely for your contribution to our world

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