If the only time I hear from you

If the only time I hear from you is…

…when you want me to look at something you wrote

…or to help you get something published

…or when you’re looking for an introduction to someone

…or want to promote your competition/website/product/cause

…or when you’re looking for your next gig

…or when you’re asking me for money…

…well it might work once or twice but it won’t work out in the end.  Eventually this is going to be a dead end relationships.  And there aren’t a lot of markers on that road saying “WARNING: DEAD END AHEAD.”

No, you’ll just smack into the wall and crash.

One thought on “If the only time I hear from you

  1. So, so true! But those in between “asks” have to be built on more than just a desire to prepare for a more comfortable “ask” next time. The interlude time, ideally, would be a time to help, encourage, affirm or care for as in “friend”. When we truly care and demonstrate that we care, contact becomes important and not disruptive. But what a difficult task – to be a real person without seeming to be made of plastic!

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