How change happens, really

What I was taught in school and in the early days of my career:

analyze – plan – budget – convene – write fancy document – present – get approvals – get buy-in – hold some more meetings – adjust budget – communicate and roll out the plan.

How it really works:

sense – dare – dream – share your dream with a few people you trust – get the resources – ask for permission later

The challenge is, you can’t get good at the second approach if you’re spending all your time working on the first one.

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One thought on “How change happens, really

  1. I affirm what wise Sasha says — by offering evidence of what can happen when going the way he advocates:

    1. The largest private “land conservation” deal in history …

    2. A revolution in what’s possible for a country — Bermuda…

    3. A refusal in East Africa to accept international donors, preferring to go it alone and prove their self-reliance.

    And yes, it begins in sensing, in awareness.

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