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I’m at my first TED conference, just arrived yesterday, and I’m trying to sort out how to blog while here.  I’m not too interested in writing “here’s what just happened” posts for a number of reasons (not least of which is that others can do a fine job of this), and given the length of the days and the number of great ideas and people here, I doubt I’ll be able to synthesize enough in real time to come up with traditional posts.

So my thought of the day, which I’ll either keep up for the week or not, is to share what I’m coming across that seems interesting, surprising, and delightful.  (Needless to say, I’m being absurdly picky with my list)

  • I had a fun conversation with Cindy Gallop who just launched today.  Think Twitter meets the alter-ego of your beer-guzzling Facebook profile meets distributed volunteering meets fancy, elegant user interface.  Worth checking out.
  • From the conversation I had with David Hornik I can tell that his VentureBlog is worth reading
  • I’m dying to figure out if there’s a way to take online gaming platforms like Zynga and use them to get people obsessed about doing good things for the world
  • If you’re interested in addressing the problem of small firearms (especially AK-47s) in sub-Saharan Africa, you might want to check out

Also I’ll be Tweeting more than I normally do, so if you’re interested follow me on Twitter, and if you’re interested in keeping up with TED you’ll probably enjoy searching for the #TED hash on Twitter search.


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