Sales 101

Mea culpa.  I fell into the oldest trap in the sales book.  I did a good job of explaining a need, and then I asked my blog readers to give to Acumen Fund before this Friday.

But I let you all down, so I wanted to apologize.  I didn’t explain the most important thing.

This is about YOU.



The person reading this blog post.

Right now.

Not anyone else.


And it’s about NOW, because if you click to the next blog post, you won’t come back to do this, and I know you want to.

You’re probably one of the hundreds of people who read this blog daily.

I know you care about making the world a better place.  I know you care about fairness and justice and I know you want to be part of something bigger than yourself (we all do).  So I let you down by not helping you do that – by making clear that this is about YOU doing something NOW.

Not anybody else, and not any other time.

Go here (Acumen Fund site) or here (Facebook causes).  The $36 increment is optional but fun.

Make a statement.  Give.  Whatever amount you can.  You will be happy you did, I promise.  And it will mean a lot to me and to you.

Here’s our story, in 18 minutes.

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