Tell a Friend (really)

It’s this blog’s one week anniversary. Already I’ve learned some things:

  1. Blogging takes about 3x more time than I expected
  2. I also like doing it more than I expected
  3. I think that finding out the series of random facts I need to make a post come together (e.g. what is U.S. aid to Pakistan? What’s going on with fuel economy legislation? What should I know about Maimonides?) will, over time, make me a smarter person
  4. I’m very interested in figuring out how to build an audience of interested readers

This last point is where you all come in. While I’m a big fan of shameless self(blog)-promotion (and have been doing a good deal of it), I’m looking forward to the day when I don’t have to update my Facebook profile letting people know that I have a new blog post.

Since there are many more of you than there are of me, you can play a part in this social experiment. Please pick one of the following (really, I need your help):

  1. If you’re a blogger/Facebook/MySpace/social media user, post a link to my blog somewhere in Web 2.0-land
  2. Think of one person you know and send them this email:

Dear So and So,

I’ve just started reading a blog about philanthropy and social change. Sasha’s a credible guy who works at Acumen Fund and I’m enjoying hearing what he has to say and thought you might too. The site is No obligations, but thought you might want to check it out



(P.S. If you’re my mother, you’ll probably have to edit that note slightly)

Think about how much email you send out every day — don’t you think you could add this to the list without bending a friend out of shape? (If you post to a site, let me know where; he/she who generates the most traffic (per “site referrals” on WordPress) wins a prize.)

This could be fun. I promise to post about progress. Thank you!!