One Person

I remind myself that if this post can create a change for just one person, then it’s a good post and a good day.

One person, not hundreds or thousands or millions.

An individual who experiences a small shift and does something different because of it. Someone, somewhere, who takes words and ideas and turns them into positive action.

That shift doesn’t appear in the stats, the likes or the shares.

Those numbers measure something else, and maybe that something matters a bit, but it is poorly correlated with the thing I’d really like to measure: the number of people who are more hopeful today, more committed, more empowered to make a change they seek to make. The number of people who take one more step towards their mission to create positive change.

The measure of success is you and what you do.

Ain’t no stat for that, so why do I keep on checking the numbers?

And why do you?

5 thoughts on “One Person

  1. Even when I don’t have time to comment, your blog post makes a difference to me each and every day. I always consider carefully your insightful posts, and while I can’t promise that I’ve taken up meditation or yoga or even running or impact investing, I do appreciate your thoughts and the time it takes to compose and publish them. Thank you for your inspiration!

  2. Thank you Laura! The good news is if we just need one person taking action per post then you have thousands of allies!!

  3. Hey Sasha – admittedly I’ve lost track of keeping up with your posts, but rest assured you’ve had a positive impact on my life … I’m nearly 10 years strong as a pescatarian (inspired by your week day veg posts), and I’ll frequently re-read and share your posts on generosity, philanthropy, etc. So thank you!

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