Interior – Zindua, Day

Every moment, every day, with every decision big and small you have the chance to blend in or to stand out, to tell your story or keep it to yourself.

Take Ken Oloo’s business card for example.  Ken is a photographer, a filmmaker and an Acumen East Africa Fellow who I just met last week in Nairobi.  In addition to his work globally as a photographer and filmmaker, Ken trains kids from the Nairobi slum of Kibera to tell their own story, using film and video.

Since Ken is a storyteller, his business card, naturally, tells that story.

ken_oloo_business card

Just a small thing, really, except of course it’s all the small things that add up to standing up and standing out.

That’s Ken with the big smile and the dreadlocks.


2 thoughts on “Interior – Zindua, Day

  1. Hi Sasha, am a great follower and enthusiast of your written word, a Kenyan and elated by your courage to invest in gifts. I think Ken would be much appreciative if title of our day be Zindua instead of Zinunda (error, maybe).

    Zindua, Kenyan Swahili, which may mean “bring-out!” – Whats encouraging is Ken’s humbleness to harness and bring-out the power of young (but indeed my future leaders) at the heart of one of the largest slums. Thank You.

  2. Patrick, thank you! Just a typo, and an indication that I have some Swahili to learn. Thank you for reading and for your kind words.

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