What you do, how you got here, what you think

I’m constantly amazed, when hearing people formally present their ideas, by the balance of where they spend their time.

It’s immeasurably safer to catalogue your credentials, your track record, and the path that brought us to today.  Unfortunately, we can look nearly all of that up that pretty easily nowadays.

What we’re hoping you’ll do is to lay it bare by sharing your thoughts about the road ahead.  We don’t expect them to be right, we just expect them to be honest so that we can start a real conversation.

3 thoughts on “What you do, how you got here, what you think

  1. Even more important, I would think, is the action around those ideas. That’s more important than just words, right Sasha?

    You can say you’re trying to invent the next big thing, but if you haven’t taken the time to a) understand what the current big thing is and b) actually done the work required to start making the next big thing, you’re already on the wrong foot.

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