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I started blogging three years ago.  This past Saturday, I was humbled (and thrilled!) to discover that my speech at NextGen:Charity was posted on the TED.com homepage – part of their “best of the web” series.  (93,000 views and counting…!)

This got me thinking about the series of events that led to this outcome.  There are certainly a lot of pieces, but since so much of the thinking and action behind that talk grew out of this blog, I boiled it down to the simple elements that keep me (or anyone) blogging for an extended period of time, namely:  Inspiration + Ideas + Motivation + Audience = A blog

More specifically:

Inspiration = the model of other people, whose actions and impact you’d like to emulate, doing great things with their blogs

Ideas = a flow of topics to write about that are interesting both to you and to your readers

Motivation = the drive to keep at it, day in and day out, even when the going gets tough

Audience = the knowledge that people are out there reading, and that you are being of service to them

I’m sure that there are more things at play, but in my experience these are the minimum necessary elements.  Which is to say, in a roundabout way, that this never would have happened without you.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, for cross-posting, for emailing me with great feedback and ideas and suggestions.  Thank you for pushing me every day, especially on the days when it’s hard.  Thank you for making this blog part of your day.

10 thoughts on “+ Audience

  1. I watched your talk on TED and was very inspired by your generosity experiment, by Generosity Day and by your work in the non-profit world. Now, today I am also inspired to renew my commitment to blogging more frequently. I have one but it’s so easy to let life keep you from writing. Thanks!

  2. There will surely be more pathways likely created by innovative thinkers wishing to get their idea out. Likely a greater number of good ideas will get out as result. Not sure whether this will mean substantially more good ideas.
    Problem is becoming how to effectively filter good ideas for the best. In increasingly difficult to stay on top of the really good sites. In fact I cannot. Greater access is. very attractive but challenging to effectively utilliz哦

  3. Just was on the TED homepage and saw you!

    Congratulations – knew you were there, but didn’t realize you had made the HOME PAGE OF TED! And for such a great talk – well done, Sasha!!

  4. Hey Sasha, great TED talk, very inspirational. Living in a developing country myself (Colombia), I do understand the NO and YES paradox of poverty-stricken places. Something we need to overcome.

    Thanks for sharing, that is very generous indeed. Take care.

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