Fundraising tip

Silence is your friend.

When you’ve shared the great work that you’re doing, when the person across the table from you is clearly excited and ready to jump in with both feet, and when you’ve asked them to make a significant donation…then be quiet.

They probably feel a little uncomfortable at this exact moment.  You probably do too.

If you’re an empathetic person (which you obviously are), you’ll be dying to rescue them from being uncomfortable, and you’ll do it by filling in the silence.

Don’t do it.

If the partnership is the right one, and the funding decision is the right one, then the kindest thing you can do is stay quiet.

Let them fill the silence by saying yes.

2 thoughts on “Fundraising tip

  1. It’s true. More often than not (I would think) forcing a discussion or continuing to talk after you’ve covered the basics can only make you look antsy, uncomfortable, or even uncertain.

    Stay quiet and let the calmness fuel the stirring thoughts of everyone involved.

    Worst case scenario is you’re asked a question, in which case you can start talking again. Right?

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