Tax day

In the U.S., the taxman cometh tomorrow.  Most of us scramble to make the deadline, but we make it.  We get the forms signed, the extra work done, we dot our i’s and cross our t’s before time is up. The deadline is firm, so we deliver.

Why not create another deadline for yourself, right now, but instead of filing your taxes you’ll ship something really important that you’re stuck on.  If you already know that you push off your own deadlines, make them more like tax day:

  • Set up a meeting in which you promise to present your new findings
  • Decide you’re going to talk about this thing in a speech you’re giving next month
  • Email 10 friends right now and say “I’m writing something really important that will be ready on May 1st, can I send it to you and get your feedback?”
  • Tell your boss today that you’d like to meet with her about this in 10 days
  • Post on Facebook or Twitter that you’re getting this thing done next Friday, no matter what
  • Promise to stop eating – sweets, milk, dessert, breakfast cereal – until you send off your first draft

Deadlines are powerful, so go ahead and make one right now for something important to you.  Once it’s out there, I know you’ll deliver.

Oh, and don’t forget to mail in your taxes tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Tax day

  1. FYI, all Federal returns normally due on April 15 are due this year on Monday April 18, because 4/15 is a legal holiday in Washington DC.

  2. Sasha,

    It is like you read my mind. I am at my husband’s office now doing several years of back taxes vowing never to miss that deadline again. I was waffling on the deadline to write something really important, and you have given me the push to make it happen. So I pledge that by May 4 (1sts are too intimidating for me) I will write what I have to say (and have said to you over coffee eons ago). I look forward to your feedback! Cheers.

    PS. My husband is all over that extra few days for filing.

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