I disagree

Each time someone says that to me (emails it to me, comments it to me), my first reaction is to be a little surprised and, if I’m really honest, just a tiny bit hurt. (“I can’t believe someone unsubscribed from my blog!” or “Really, they didn’t find that David Brooks piece compelling?!”)

But then I remind myself: if no one’s vehemently disagreeing, then no one’s vehemently agreeing.

“Vehement” is the point.

Conversations are the point.

I’m not advocating for being controversial just for its own sake, but do have something to say and say it….if you do that, some people will beg to differ.

And that’s more than OK, it’s great.

Pushing, prodding, exploring, tripping, falling, and getting up again…that’s what it’s all about.  Otherwise, you’re just standing there, not doing much of anything.

3 thoughts on “I disagree

  1. Dear Sasha,

    You cannot be more correct about the article from David Brooks on New
    Humanism. I have just begun to subscribe to you and you move me in many ways.
    This article is seminal, humanism is the new way, humanism is not a question, this article is an observation of what already is happening. Keep sending the message, Sasha, people are listening. Chase

  2. Thank you! I was just forced to disagree with a very loud and very uninformed group of crafters who were, through ignorance rather than malice, promoting software piracy and copyright violation. I was forced by my conscience to remind them that without the sanctity of original art our industry would not exist. It wasn’t a popular reminder. Thanks for the confirmation that I did the right thing in not keeping silent.

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