Over a bowl yogurt and granola

Here’s a conversation I had this morning with my five-year old son over breakfast.

Him:     Daddy, we’re eating the same breakfast today.

Me:      Yes we are.  It’s delicious, isn’t it?  The yogurt is creamy and the granola is crunchy and a little sweet.

Him:     Yes.  It’s delicious…..Daddy, do you like everything for breakfast?

Me:      Well, I like a lot of things for breakfast, but I’m not sure if I like everything

Him:     Does anybody like everything for breakfast?

Me:      I don’t know.  I’m sure somebody does.

(Thoughtful pause)

Him:     Does God like everything for breakfast?  Because God loves everything?  He loves trees and flowers and he wants people to be happy?

(Side note for context: ours is neither an exceptionally religious nor exceptionally un-religious household.)

I couldn’t help but wonder – when in life do we lose our sense of the profound, our sense that every moment is just a turn of phrase away from beauty?  Is it a natural progression, or something we’re taught in school or in life – the victory of logic and cleverness and cynicism over wonder and imagination?

And how do we get it back?

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One thought on “Over a bowl yogurt and granola

  1. I wonder if the change happens as we get older.

    For some reason we embrace the musings and imagination of kids, but are less enthusiastic when that wonder comes from someone who’s “grown-up.”

    As far as getting it back, spending more time with kids is a great start. But I think the bigger shift is to worry less about being right or wrong.

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