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I’m looking for someone great to join my team at Acumen Fund.   I’m looking for a great marketer — a storyteller, a tribe-builder, someone who knows how to connect with people in a real and genuine way and help them to be part of something big…and who at the same time is ready to roll up their sleeves with data and numbers and analytics and web 2.0 tools.

We’re living through an amazing, challenging time.  We have a financial meltdown on one hand, and a new U.S. President brought to power on a wave of change from below on the other.  This is a tremendous opportunity.  The time is ripe to create a step change in terms of awareness, excitement, and membership in Acumen Fund’s community of supporters and advocates – from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands…and someday millions of people who believe that markets and entrepreneurship have a central role to play in the global fight on poverty.

I need someone to help us make this happen. You might be a great blogger or an old-school marketer with lots of new tricks up your sleeves.  But either way you bring off-the-charts passion, energy, commitment, and humility to this roll.

You can read the full job description on this Squidoo lens. The boiled-down version is: you’re probably either a super-duper marketer who knows how to use online tools, or you’re world-class with online tools and also have got some great marketing ideas. If you’re neither of these things, this job probably isn’t for you.

Please spread the word to people who might be interested.  I’m excited to see who will apply for this role.

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  1. Sasha! I WISH I had the CV to support this role. I do not, but — am happy to help and volunteer. I LOVE what the Acumen Fund is doing.

    How can I help? Pls mail me at any time. Right now, I volunteer to help find jobs for jobless people actually. And I’m pretty good at helping. 🙂

    Also- your LINK to Acumenfund.org misdirects- there’s a typo in the url path. (You can delete that part if you want – but definitely you should know of it for other readers of your blog).

    Many best,

  2. Sounds like an amazing opportunity! I would love to apply, but I’m living in San Francisco.

    Good luck on the search and I’m sure you’ll find someone truly amazing!

  3. I think now is a challenging, but extremely exciting time for philanthropy. With the resources available on the internet and the ability to truly connect to people with a relevant and important message, there has never been a better time to raise awareness for meaningful issues. On the other hand, less people have the resources to give due to the current economic climate.

    Though I’m a real marketing datahead with the right abilities, unfortunately, like Aimeelena, I don’t have the experience that I’m sure you are looking for.

    I think there are some web 2.0 ways that you can reach people that don’t know much about the Acumen Fund (see: http://www.freerice.com/), and I hope to hear more from you in the future.


  4. Hi Sasha,

    I work with Seth Godin right now through his Alt MBA but would love to be involved in a marketing/fundraising capacity, or even as a volunteer. It’s an incredible opportunity for someone, and I’d be happy to assist in any way I can.

    Ishita Gupta

  5. What you’re doing is wonderful!!I would love to volunteer in any way possible!

  6. Good luck with your search! What an unbelievable opportunity — you’ll find the perfect person. Especially with Seth’s support.
    All the best,

  7. Hi Sasha
    am operational with the “soft” side of CSR with on-the-ground results [not when the $ gets siphoned off]. i believe the key is to conceptualise and run self-sustaining projects to help people help themselves during the Asian meltdown, dotcom bust, etc… in a multiplier mode.

    if you need help with creating online or execution mechanics, i can put in some time for that. some recent programs done are transport infra and water projects for Cambodia. i know what poverty is like…it is humbling. i pray not to be desensitized by being immersed in it for too long…

    i’m more useful here where i am planted. good work thinking in this direction…


  8. You said: You’re probably either a super-duper marketer who knows how to use online tools, or you’re world-class with online tools and also have got some great marketing ideas.

    I am both. Plus, I have a bigger passion. The work that brings something to the world. We seem to share this goal. I would love to discuss what my team can do to help your team!

    Please email me.~~Dee

  9. Hi Please take a look at my blog http://educatetoempower.wordpress.com/
    I think we have similar goals and thoughts on ways to change the world. I am just getting started but I have some people who are willing to work in the Philippines. Can I link to your blog or something?
    I hope we can chat somehow.


  10. This sounds like a great opportunity. Where in NY is it located if you don’t mind me asking? It looks like we read similar books. I just started reading Godin’s book on Tribes.

    Is there any part time volunteer work available? This is the type of work I like.

  11. I’m a graphic designer specializing in branding, identities and visual marketing. I graduated as BSBA Major in Marketing and Advertising.

    I am far way from NY, but I am willing to volunteer my time and skills. Let me know how I could help in spite of time difference.

  12. i teach full on oilpainting to kids at risk and learning difference children and teens. the oil painting finished in one hour boosts their self esteem and can be done regardless of their scholastic level. some examples on my website.

  13. I would have loved to apply. I have most of what you need and I am a fast learner, but I am currently in Kenya.

    All the best in your search. I hope you find the right person.


    Marvin Tumbo

  14. How I wish I could do this! It sounds like the dream job I once had, and still dream about doing some day. I’m not located near you though, but I wish you the best! I’m sure you’ll find someone fantastic for the job :).

  15. Your cause is worthy and the need is obviously great. It is unfortunate that I do not live in the area needed for the position. Might I suggest however you seperate the call for internet / messanging experience from that of the need for great communicators. Very often the two do not share a comparable skills set and you may be better served to allow one to create and one to respond. This may better serve your long term objective and assure you have the ‘best of both worlds’ working for your organization. Please feel free to some of my visions and perspective on my link; you will find that many of our shared philosophy’s are most certaintly geared towards the bettermeant of society and our ability to view others when looking in the mirror of self image. Hope this helps and I wish you great success in your endeavour!

    Tony Murrey

  16. Tony, I think you’re right and in a perfect world I’d hire two people. But times are tight and we have space for one – plus this makes it all the more important that that one person can bring in other resources/people to help them on a probono basis.

  17. Glad Seth Grodin’s blog post brought this to my attention, passing it on to those more experienced than I am and who might be qualified. Glad to have found this blog, too!

  18. Sasha, I would like to share with you the work of Jose Antonio Abreu (2009 TED Prize winner) and his world changing wish for US. My initiative is this could provide inspiration and ideas to you, for continue making the difference in the world by helping people earning little money per day.

    From Venezuela, Ricardo Arellano a marketer enthusiastic.

    Follow this link for Abreu´s work: http://www.tedprize.org/category/jose-abreu/

  19. am keen to contribute in the asia pacific geography location. Tell me what are the next steps.

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