Obama and McCain repeating themselves

I’ve made every effort to steer clear of the Presidential race on this blog, but I couldn’t resist this one.

There’s no doubt that to tell your story to millions of people, you’re going to have to repeat yourself a lot.  But I’ve never seen this point illustrated quite so vividly.  Check out this mash-up of both Obama and McCain repeating themselves (over and over and over again) in the three Presidential debates.  Enjoy.


(Oh, and please go out and vote next Tuesday.)

“Things younger than McCain” t-shirt

This definitely feels like a low blow, and not the kind of discourse we want when choosing our next President. But it’s also so darn funny that I thought it worth sharing:


The way this site works is that they sell 100 limited-edition t-shirts at increasing prices. Very clever way to turn pricing on its head and use the Internet as more than another storefront.