The Zoom Nod

Zoom is here to stay, an integral part of our work lives and work culture.

I’m a big fan for lots of reasons: gone are the days of faceless phone calls, and our work norms have finally shifted, making it professionally acceptable to ditch the logistics of unnecessary travel for in-person meetings.

But maintaining a sense of personal connection on a Zoom call is harder than it appears. The people not speaking are too easily distracted by other things on their screens. Subtle (and not-so-subtle) shifts in their attention can make the speaker feel like they are talking to a screen, or to no one at all.

An easy habit to take on to avoid this disconnect? Remember to nod on Zoom calls.

This small visual cue does two things: it communicates to the speaker a sense of connection and affirmation; and it creates more engagement for you, because you can’t nod at the right moments if you’re not paying attention.

Of course this is just one of the many ways to be an active listener, all of which are good practice both in person and on Zoom.

It’s an easy place to start.