Hot Sun in Kibera

How’s this for an idea: creating a film school in the heart of the Kibera slum.

How’s this for a first impression: drive down a narrow dirt alley, pull the parking break, open the iron gate and duck through the narrow entrance of a small, unremarkable building that opens onto a simple room with pale fluorescent light, a simple table and some plastic chairs….and a brand new iMac computer.

In the next room, a young man from Kibera is editing a clip for Kibera TV, which tells stories about what’s really going on in Kibera – all the videos are available on YouTube.

This is all the work of the Hot Sun Foundation, whose founder Nathan Collett, made the award-winning film Kibera Kid and whose latest feature film, Togetherness Supreme, is screening in Nairobi tomorrow night and is on the film festival circuit.

You can listen to the splashy CNN story here, but I was more moved by Josphat, one of the young men who has been trained in film-making, scriptwriting and video editing by the HotSun foundation.  This is a 40 second video I shot of him yesterday talking to our group – his personality, his energy, his love of film overwhelmed me and filled me with joy.